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This is perhaps the most important webinar of the summer series. For our strata, it outlines our legal obligations to maintain common and limited property and quotes and explains sections of the Act which I thought I knew. It emphasizes maintenance as more than washing homes and fixing fences - see “Strata Maintenance Matters Part 1 and 2 above - It also emphasizes the very important need of a depreciation report to plan a maintenance strategy. An excellent CHOA webinar is the Operations Plans Depreciation Reports July 8, 2020.

The following gallery of slides was copied from the CHOA website to review key concepts before watching the webinar. What is lacking on our screen are the legal problems that could result from not maintaining or repairing common property and the importance of a depreciation report.

The following page has a download button for the PDF of the slides and a link to the video of the webinar.

Below the slides is a video link to the webinar.

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