This webinar is about using the Depreciation Report and “Developing a management model that identifies the obligations of a strata corporation and property owners to minimize the impact of any losses, failures and exposure to claims.”

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Webinar: Implementing a Depreciation Report to Develop an Operations Plan for Annual Budgeting and Operations
Date: July 28, 2020

Use the following links to learn more about Tony and CHOA and to view the webinar and download a PDF version of the slides and sample bulletins.
Webinar Speaker: Tony Gioventu, Executive Director. CHOA Webinar Sponsor: First Service Residential
Archived VIDEO RECORDING of the webinar Presentation SLIDES
CHOA Bulletin 200-220: SAMPLE Operations Planning Chart 
CHOA Bulletin 400-509: SAMPLE: Strata Council Binder Index with Tab Suggestions 

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