The 6 Phases of Constructions
Showing Registration Documents
Building and Street Locations
Building Blocks, Strata Lots, and Unit Floor Plans

The map below, using Google Maps, satellite view shows the 6 phases of construction,
  • building blocks have either duplexes or single units
  • strata lot numbers, example SL33
  • unit numbers, postal address.
Example. In Phase 5, Block 29 on the left has two strata lots - Unit 28 SL 53 and Unit 29 SL 52 The map also illustrates the division of COMMON PROPERTY, the backyard fences and exit gates to the west and north of the complex.There is detailed information, registration papers, common and limited property and other elements are held in an accordion structure within each of the blue lines below.


Each BLUE BAR BELOW is an accordion structure that when double clicked will open a filing cabinet of information. Each BLUE BAR contains one phase of construction that will provide the following information

  • Registration papers for that phase of construction
  • The location of the building blocks
  • The Strata Lots in the building blocks
  • The floor plans for each unit within the strata lot
  • Enlarged views of each strata lot

  • Registered phase: The area under construction with license to build a group of blocks. Usually each phase has 6 to 10 blocks.
  • Registration papers: City of Surrey and Condominium Act, unit entitlement
  • BLOCKS: Each block contains STRATA LOT(S). A single home will be in a block with one strata lot. Attached houses will be in a Block with two Strata Lots.
  • STRATA LOT: Each strata lot identifies the common property and limited property attached to that home.
  • UNIT NUMBER: the mailing address and is not the same as the strata lot number Strata Lot Number.

When the cursor turns to a pointy finger, double click

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