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The following BUTTONS will download compressed files (ZIP) on ROOF REPLACEMENT CONTRACTS
▪ BC Roof Inspections initial inspection and contract.
▪ BC Roof Inspections Certificate of Completion
▪ Harvard Final Roof Report Harvard Warranty
New Roofs were installed and completed in November 2020. Council was more than impressed by the management of our roofing project by BC Roof Inspections. Their service was was more than commendable in many ways. Thanks to our Management Company, NAI Goddard and Smith for selecting BC Roof Inspections as one of the roofing inspection companies available in our area of Surrey.

We encourage owners to download the ZIP file and examine the state of our roofs before the new installation.
Compressed, ZIP files, often unlock themselves when downloaded but sometimes one must click several times to open them.

BC Roof Reports Inspection

Harvard Roof Warranty

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