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Each unit in our Strata has been given a white binder, “The Owner’s Handbook.” This was developed by a committee of residents (The After Coffee Group) and consists of items we wished we had known when we first moved into Creekside.

This web site is an extension of the handbook. Most of the white binder, and the Web Handbook, is a collection of facts and procedures we were surprised we didn’t know. We keep discovering things about Strata living and management that continues to add information to our website and the term “Creekipedia” is a good description. There will be an update to the white binder.

There is a massive amount of information contained in this web page. To make it easy to obtain an
accordion stack is used. Click each BLUE BAR and it opens another chapter of information.

When the blue bar opens there is a table of contents with buttons that link to the topic.

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