For most situations, the information in this gold block is all that is needed to understand the difference between living in a strata and living in your own home.
We recommend Owners and Residents of Creekside who are not familiar with the Strata Property Act and strata living, start with the Provincial website - Living in a Strata - the following subsections are an excellent overview
Strata Legislation Applies to All Stratas
Stratas: More Than Condos
Stratas are Self-Governed
Strata Bylaws and Rules
Strata Fees

We are all members of the Condominium Home Owner's Association, (CHOA). We recommend all owners contact CHOA and search the CHOA website to improve our collective knowledge of strata living and the British Columbia Strata Property Act
The information on strata housing is provided for the user’s convenience as a basic starting point; it is not a substitute for getting legal advice.

The following section “
Purpose of the Strata Housing Website” provides basic information on parts of the Strata Property Act.

The Strata Property Act

For those owners who want to spend a tantalizing afternoon, I recommend a trip to the Strata Property Act web site.

There are 17 Parts to the act. In a sense there is an 18th section.

The Schedule of Standard Bylaws is an accumulation of relevant sections from the 17 parts of the Strata Property Act that focus on Strata Governance by the Strata Corporation.

The Schedule of Standard Bylaws must be part of the Bylaws of all Strata Complexes in the Province.

The following are links to the contents of the Strata Property Act.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |
Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 |
Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Schedule of Standard Bylaws

Our Creekside LMS 3764 Strata Corporation, may adopt bylaws to meet unique conditions.
All Creekside LMS 3764 approved Bylaws must be checked by a lawyer to ensure compliance with The Strata Property Act and then registered.

Strata Property Act Contents

The following are links to the BC. Government Strata Property Act web site.
Comments in brackets are from my personal notes designed to remind me where to go in the act.

Part 1 — Definitions and Interpretation (In Division 1 of Our Bylaws see link below)

Part 2 — The Strata Corporation (Division 1 of Our Bylaws see link below)

Part 3 — The Owner Developer (Laws for Developers. Not part of our bylaws)

Part 4 — Strata Corporation Governance (The Council) (Division 2 of Our Bylaws

Part 5 — Property (Some Important parts but not directly linked to our bylaws)

Part 6 — Finances (Very important for Strata Council to know - Not written in our bylaws but sections should be)

Part 7 — Bylaws and Rules (Very important for Strata Council - Not written in our bylaws but some sections should be)

Part 8 — Rentals (Very important for Strata Council to know contents - Parts written in our bylaws)

Part 9 — Insurance (Vital information not included in our bylaws regarding fixtures like patio covers)

Part 10 — Legal Proceedings and Dispute Resolution Division 1 and 2 deal with owners suing the strata corporation, and the strata corporation suing owner(s)

Part 11 — Sections (Refers to strata complexes with residential and nonresidential strata lots)

Schedule of Standard Bylaws
All Strata Complexes must have bylaws and must include this set. Strata may approve local bylaws to meet local conditions but must not violate any section of the Act.

The following PARTS have little or nothing to do with Council Strata Management

(Part 12 — Leasehold Strata Plans
Part 13 — Phased Strata Plans
Part 14 — Land Titles
Part 15 — Strata Plan Amendment and Amalgamation
Part 16 — Cancellation of Strata Plan
Part 17 — General

Our Bylaws will contain many of the same sections as the Strata Property Act.

They are in another page on our website.

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