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The CREEKSIDE LMS 3764 Strata Corporation may be compared to a large business with considerable assets. The Council sets the policies and guidelines within which NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services administers the day-to-day business.

NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services provides the resources, manpower, knowledge and expertise that are not usually available within the Strata Corporation.

NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services is equipped and prepared to provide guidance and support in all matters relating to the successful operation and management of your Strata Corporation. The following is a list of services provided by NAI Goddard & Smith Realty

  • - INFORMATION SERVICES – NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services will assist the Strata Council in making informed, timely and prudent decisions by researching and documenting matters pertaining to the ongoing operation of the Strata Corporation.

  • - ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL STATEMENT PREPARATION – NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services is responsible for the monthly preparation of all financial statements, in accordance with the budget and generally accepted accounting procedures.

  • - RECORDS MANAGEMENT – NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services ensures the records for the Strata Corporation are kept up to date and available for Council’s or Owner’s review.

  • EMERGENCY SERVICES – NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services provides a 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week, for emergencies such as leaks, plumbing/electrical problems, or where there is a potential hazardous situation, which could damage the complex. Please call 778-655-2166.

For suspicious activity and issues of that nature, please call 911
Non-emergency calls such as general inquiries, bylaws, fines, parking, pets, account status, etc. should be directed to the Property Manager at the NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services office during regular business hours 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. (Monday to Friday) at 604-534-7974.
NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services is committed to providing first-class service by a team of competent professionals in order to ensure superior management services.


Strata Ownership

Your new home, together with a proportionate share of the Common Property, has been registered in your name at the Land Registry Office. Your individual unit is called a strata lot or unit and is further identified with your own suite number.

Unless specifically stated, the boundaries of each strata lot run from the center of the walls, floors and ceilings. All areas from the boundaries inward are owned and to be maintained by each strata owner. Driveways and patios are usually designated as Common Property to which the individual owners have been granted “exclusive use” (Limited Common Property). The Strata Corporation, comprised of all owners, collectively pays for the maintenance, repairs and services to common property.

The Strata Property Act of British Columbia, along with any registered Bylaws of your Strata Corporation, describes and legislates how Strata Ownership works.



Areas outside the boundaries of individual strata lots are called Common Property and are owned collectively by all owners in the Corporation. The Common Property is administered by the Council through the Strata Property Act, Bylaws of the Strata Corporation, and Rules established by the owners.

Examples of areas included as Common Property are roads, recreational facilities, driveways, common grounds, fences, backyards, entrance gate, roofs, attics, exterior surfaces and landscaped areas.
Everything you see in the areal view.


This is a form of Common Property where exclusive use has been granted to one or more owners. In most Strata Corporations patios are designated as Limited Common Property.


Each owner is assessed a monthly strata fee which is used to pay for the maintenance and repairs of the Common Property, which are shared proportionately with all other owners by means of Unit Entitlement.

The monthly strata payment is due on the
FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH in advance. Maintenance payments that are not received on or before the first day of the month, places the Strata Owner in arrears.

Owners may make payments through post-dated cheques or through automatic withdrawal by filling out a pre-authorized cheque form (PAC). When PAC is used, fees are automatically withdrawn from the owner’s account on the first day of each month. Should your fees change, NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services will automatically advise your financial institution and arrange for the once-a-year change, or adjustment where required. Should you decide to pay by post-dated cheques, please ensure your cheques are made payable to the Strata


Unless amended, the Bylaws of your Strata Corporation are the Schedules contained in the Strata Property Act of British Columbia.

Each Strata Corporation may adopt specific Bylaws and Rules & Regulations to suit their individual requirements.


Created through a Special Resolution at A General Meeting.

Bylaws affect the use of common safety and Property of the individual strata Lots.

To be in force, the bylaw
must be deposited with the registrar of titles.


Created by a majority vote of the Strata Council.

To be in force a simple majority vote at a Special meeting of the Strata Corporation or at an AGM

Affect the enjoyment, safety and cleanliness of Common Property.

Rules passed by a special meeting (AGM) by the Strata Corporation remain in effect until dissolved at a future special meeting of the Strata Corporation


The collective group of owners in a strata development is called a Strata Corporation. The ultimate responsibility of governing the affairs of the Corporation falls upon the shoulders of the Council and the day-to-day operation is left in the hands of NAI Goddard & Smith Realty Services. There are, however, a number of important duties reserved for the owners, which includes:
  1. Attending the Annual and any Special General Meetings

  2. Reviewing and approving the budget for the coming year.

  3. Nominating and electing the Council each year.

  4. Voting on Bylaws and other items, which require approval by the General Ownership.


The Council is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the Common Property, and enforcement of the Strata Corporation’s Bylaws and Rules & Regulations. Members of the Council are elected from and by the Registered Owners at the Annual General Meeting, which is held once each year in October. The Council in Strata LMS 3764 has seven members as provided in Section 89 of the Strata Property Act.

Following their elections, the Members of Council meet together and elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Council duties are spelled out in Section 122 of the Strata Property Act.

NOTE: The Strata Act does not allow for elections of Council Positions at an AGM.

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