An Overview of Strata Living
Some things to think about.

Creekside has been in existence since 1999 and our BYLAWS were set by the developer and are mostly the exact wording of the Strata  Property Act.

Our bylaws have been amended several times, and they are under constant review to meet the ever changing  regulations of the
BC Strata Property Act, the BC Building Code, Workplace BC and the City of Surrey bylaws.

Our web site has important links to these jurisdictions as well as quick links to areas within our website to our
Bylaws and Rules. Please review them, living in a Strata is very different from living in your own home.

We have a very unique and attractive strata made this way by a community that does work well together. All of this section comes from owners who wished they knew a few things before they purchased, and after they purchased. This part is from their wish they new during the buying phase.

Misconceptions can form during the exciting buying days, dazzled by a unique Strata. To avoid these errors  please study past minutes and consider having a professional inspect the interior and exterior of the home.

Top of the new owner’s list was to have several good walk arounds. Our gates open automatically between 7AM and 7PM. Strata does cover all common property, but
not anything damaged by the owner or previous owners.  Check the vinyl siding for damage from barbecues or garage doors for dents.

Backyard patio covers are additions to common property and not fixed or cleaned by strata.

Check the interior plumbing, furnaces, air conditioners, hot water tanks and the fireplace for evidence of proper maintenance schedules.

If you think you would like to make a change, or add something to your backyard or home, contact our
Property Manager and seek his advice on the possibility of making changes or additions to your new home and backyard. In strata law, 'change' is a word Councils fear!

Take some time to study this web site. Everything about strata living and strata law can be found here. But sometimes a definitive voice is helpful. Come see us, park, walk around, ask questions. 

Creekside fees are low because we have chosen to have low fees and high levies. However, legislation has demanded depreciation reports and an end to this practice is in sight.

Your backyard, and all your neighbours back yards, are under the Strata property Act, common property and hence, are all our back yards. But we do have a bylaw respecting your backyard and promise not to hold a picnic in there.



Lastly, really understand the bylaws
"Use of Property" and "Pets." To most neighbours, there are no cute little barking dogs, nor appreciated radio stations blaring in the backyard.

The above links open sections of our bylaws. Double Click the Blue Bar (Definition 1. Owner Duties and scroll down to 3. Use of Property)

The Pets link will take you to the same folder. Scroll down to the Division 7 Bar, double click and choose pets.

The Creekside Layout

The following Google Map, satellite view, shows the Three Double Rows of our Strata.
A technical definition of each block,  strata lot, and unit number, may be found on our website. Click Here
(Note: Everything you see in the satellite view is common property or limited common property.)

We are a fenced community. To the West is 183 Avenues, where plenty of parking exists for our visitors. The gates exiting onto 183rd and 184th, open without a key but lock automatically when closing. Entry through all gates require a key. The front gate may be opened by an owner with a key or FOB. Owners may give family members a key or Fob. Visitors must use the enter-phone and receive permission from the owner to enter. The entrance gate opens automatically by a vehicle only, every day between 7AM to 7PM.


What do you own? Who pays for what?

The following is a list of questions and answers that new owners most commonly ask our Property Managers.

As an Owner of a Strata Lot, what will I own?
  1. You will own your strata lot in fee simple (the same kind of ownership as you would have with a single-family home) and as a tenant-in-common in respect of all the common areas or common facilities of the complex.

    This is legalistic statement and is direct quote from the Strata Property Act.

    Wat does ‘tenant-in common’ mean and what does ‘common areas and facilities’ mean.
  2. What you own is from the middle of the wall of your unit inward, from the middle of the ceiling downward and from the cement slab upward. You do not own the attic, roof, driveways or backyard fences. This is what “tenant in common” of common property and limited common property like driveways and patios.
  3. How do I determine what my monthly strata payment is?
Your percentage of ownership of Common Property (known as unit entitlement) multiplied by the monthly budget will give you the amount, which you are required to pay.

  1. How is my percentage of ownership determined?
Your unit entitlement is determined by the surveyor doing construction of the project and is spelled out in the “Schedule of Unit Entitlement” in your Disclosure Statement. Your unit entitlement (area of your home in square feet) divided by total unit entitlement (98671 square feet rounded to two decimal places) gives you your percentage of common property ownership with the project.

  1. Who prepares the operating budget?
The Strata Management and Council prepare the operating budget prior to the Annual General Meeting and send out the proposed budget with the notice for meeting. At the meeting owners are required to review, if necessary, amend and approve it for the next year.

  1. How does Strata differ from a single detached home?
Very briefly, the differences are as follows:
  • Strata ownership involves an element of group ownership.
  • To promote a harmonious environment within this close community, rules and bylaws are established which may restrict or encourage a certain kind of community lifestyle.
  • Judgments against a Strata Corporation are each owner’s responsibility.
  • You must pay monthly strata fees to cover common area expenses.
  • Failure to pay monthly strata fees or to comply with a bylaw or rule & regulation may result in a fine being levied against your strata lot.
  • A lien may be placed on your title for default in strata fees.
  1. How are my Property taxes determined?
The assessment authorities determine your value together with your share (unit entitlement) of the Common Property. You are responsible to pay your own taxes, as this is not part of your monthly strata fee.

  1. Who controls the Strata Corporation?
The Strata Corporation is made up of all owners who have one vote. Each year a Strata Council is elected by the ownership to conduct the Corporation’s business in accordance with the Strata Property Act of BC. The Act gives Council powers and duties to enable competent management to achieve harmony in an environment that is inherently communal.

  1. What does the Strata Corporation’s Insurance Policy cover?
The Strata Property Act spells out that the Strata Corporation must obtain and maintain insurance for all buildings and common facilities and any insurable improvements owned by the Strata Corporation to their replacement value against fire and against other perils as are usually the subject of insurance in respect of similar properties.
Canopies, decks and other improvements to common property made by owners, with Council permission, are not covered by the Strata Insurance. Our Strata’s policy includes liability coverage, errors and omissions coverage for Council and management, and Common Property, flood, earthquake, etc..
Our Strata’s insurance policy may be viewed by clicking here. Use your back arrow key to return to this page.

What kind of insurance should I maintain for my own unit?
Take a copy of the strata insurance coverage to your agent. A good insurance agent would provide the best answer, but you should maintain your own liability insurance, insurance for contents, insurance for furnishings and equipment, and insurance for any improvements made to your unit. 

9. Can any owner attend a Council meeting? In our Strata owners are permitted to attend Council Meetings but cannot participate. Owners wishing to address the Strata Council are required to submit a written request, 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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